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ORIMEDA Ltd. introduce:
OTO Industry Shoe Cover Dispenser and shoe cover.
Dispenser NOT NEED electricity power to operate.

● Can be used in hospitals, laboratories, factories, offices, beauty salons, hotels, computer rooms and families.
● Shoe cover material available: Non-Woven, PE, CPE and many different kinds.
● One bundle of shoe covers can be refilled in a few seconds.
● Convenience. OTO-702 and OTO-720 does not need electricity power to operate, which means that it can be easily deployed at any place.
● Reliability. The successful rate is over 99%, for all kinds of shoe covers. No other big shoe cover dispenser can do that.
● Easy of usage. One bundle of shoe covers can be added very easily. Besides, you can add shoe covers any time you want by just checking through a window
● Fast. There is no delay at all between each usage.
● No noise. There is very little noise during the usage.
● Stability. The inside mechanism is too simple to be broken.
● Safety. With our new design, foot stuck in the dispenser will never happen because we don’t use infrared sensor in the dispenser.
● Our research team is the best in the industry.
● The shoe covers for OTO-702 and for OTO-720 are the same type.