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Vene Båt online event

Vene 21 Båt will be organized on February 12–21, 2021 as an online event.

Boats and boating equipment

Vene Båt has boats of different sizes for different uses. You also make good purchases of supplies, equipment and clothing at fair prices. Also check out the offers and make good purchases for the upcoming season.

Fishing tackle and gear

Vene Båt fishing program is very comprehensive. The best fishing guides in Finland will give you tips and advice to help you catch any fish! In addition to entertaining program numbers, you will learn about fishing boats and buy fishing tackle for special prices.

Water sports in the Uusi Aalto Waterexpo area

Anything that stays on the surface can move in the water! Challenge yourself or get a feel for the dive. You will find the newest water toys at the Uusi Aalto Waterexpo area, where you can test and make good purchases at bargain prices.

Not just a boat show!

Vene Båt has a lot of interesting things to hear and learn.

Sail Harbor (Purjehdussatama)

Purjehdussatama is a programmatic theme area where you can hear stories from near and far. Study the programme in advance and plan your visit to the fair. There are also sailing boats and sailing equipment in the area.

Fishing area

The fishing area’s stage at the pool gives you tips and advice on fishing. Exhibition booths are stocked with supplies and get expert guidance from professionals.

Water sports in the Uusi Aalto Waterexpo area

Water sports will be introduced at the Vene Båt Uusi Aalto Waterexpo hall, where you can follow new sports and test your own water games. Relaxed atmosphere will make you stay in the area longer. Meanwhile, you are making purchases for the upcoming water games season!

Boat renovation and maintenance

Get practical tips on servicing and repairing your boat in the Venemestarin telakka area, where experts will guide you through the maintenance of your boat. On the stage, you follow the work screenings and get directions. You will have face-to-face discussions with professionals. Check out the schedule in advance and get the best tips.

Recycle your boating equipment (Kamapörssi)

Kamapörssi area is located in the boating equipment hall. It gives an opportunity recycle your unnecessary boating gear and make good purchases for best prices.

Try diving

Sea Safety brings a dive tank to Vene Båt, where you can follow the instructions of the diving guides and also try diving yourself for free. You can test your equipment and gear in the water and maybe find a new hobby!

Make a good purchases!

One of the best things about Vene Båt is purchasing equipment and supplies at best prices. Sales staff has knowledge and they will help you find the best products. Check out the offers in advance.

Totalvene Messi – Information for Motor Boaters

As a motor boat driver, you will find great tips and guidance in the Total Boat Messi programme area. Professionals will give you tips and advice. Check out the programmes in advance and plan your visits according to the programme that interest you.