Terms of participation

The terms below apply in addition to the general terms of participation of The Finnish Fair Corporation.

Time and Place

9 – 18 February 2018, Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre, Finland

Participation fees

Expostart € 520 / main exhibitor

Expostart  includes socket 16A 230 V 3,6 kW and energy consumption, publicity and environmental fee. It is  charged from all exhibitors

Registration fee € 370 is charged from all sub exhibitors. 

If the stand is used by several exhibitors, a Publicity and environmental fee €370 is charged from all exhibitors.
The company in charge of making the reservation is required to manage all other invoices. The registered companies will be visible in the fair guide (if informed 2 weeks prior to the event), on web pages and mobile app. The fee includes visibility and environment fee.

Stands with two storeys: the square meters of the second storey are subject to a charge which is 50 % of the space rental.

An extra charge of €20 is charged if additional invoices need to be made when, for example, the space rental is paid by several companies, or the company contact information is being changed.

The invoice for participation is due 22 December 2017.

Valid VAT is added to all prices..

The main partner of Vene 18 Båt is Volvo. Vehicles of any other brand are not allowed in exhbition area.